Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Started a New Blog

So, it's no secret I've had nothing but issues with blogger and photos as of late. Add in that I've been wanting to start a new blog that's more reflective of our life, sort of outgrown brokentequila, and you have the recipe for putting and end to the frustration with blogger and jumping ship.

I've moved to a new platform and new blog name...I don't plan on posting her any longer, and for now I have no plans to move this content to the new blog.

Since I'm not a professional blogger who makes a living off the blog I just don't see the need.

My other social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) have been changed to the new blog name since I use those accounts with the blog, but it's still me!

I hope you follow along on the new adventure! todaysadventureis

See you over on the new blog!

Thankful Thursday

A few things I'm thankful for today:

-How much she loves swimming and the progress she's making.

-Thankful I even got this shot...kid and dog = constant motion. Those two have a bond for sure. 

-My two loves and celebrating our 11 year anniversary together.'s the highlight of the week for her. It's a blurry pic because she's running non-stop the entire time. 

-My garden is producing! Lot's of tomatoes, which I don't even like, but Sky loves checking on them every day and harvesting. Thankfully Mark and Sky both like eating them. 

-Thirsty Dash with Elya and Michelle tonight! Haven't done a fun race in a while, and it's a bit cooler today. 

-Lot's of play time at the park, and play dates. Keeping our summer fun. 

What are you thankful for?

P.S. - I had much more to share but once again blogger isn't working with my photos and they won't upload for some reason. So, I've been feeling like a change was in order for the blog anyway, so I'm working on a whole new blog on a whole new platform. Time to move on I think. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No Bake Energy Bites

I haven't talked about running much lately mostly because I've been a little at odds with it. I've been running, and been enjoying the run's I'm doing, but. There's always seems to be a but. But, I still hadn't made peace with how I felt during and after my last half.

Mentally it just really messed with me, and I've been frustrated with the things I need to figure out to make 10+ miles more pleasant (as pleasant as they can be anyway), and my complete lack of desire to train for anything really. I've been stuck in casual runner rut for months.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I missed having the desire to push and do more.

One of my biggest issues has been fuel. Everything I've tried has been a gut disaster, and that is no good when running. I decided until I figured out an option that works I wouldn't look at any longer distances.

Thankfully I stumbled across this No Bake Energy Bite recipe over on Jen Chooses Joy (different Jen) and I like it!

Click on over to her blog for the recipe. Mine ended up being a bit bigger than her's, but other than that I followed the recipe 100%.

What I like about them is they freeze well. I froze them in 4's in freezer bags and pull out a new bag as needed. They taste great even after being frozen, The other thing I really like about them is how evened out my energy and blood sugar feel when I eat them before running. Most importantly they don't upset my stomach, which is huge!

I eat one about an hour before running, and still feel like I have enough energy by the end of a run. Granted my longest run has been 6 miles, so not a true test, but miles are ramping up getting ready for my 15K trail run, so I'll hit double digits here soon and have a better idea about how they will work for half's. I just have to figure out how to flatten them out a bit, and fit them in a zipper pocket for refueling during longer runs, without making a mess. :)

I'm working on testing out home-made energy drinks as well, although with these energy bites I may be able to just drink water which would be nice. I really don't like running with a handheld, so have been resisting the home-made drink option.

The nice thing is I'm starting to feel excited about running again, and running longer distances. Looking at two half marathons next year that I'm excited about. It feels good to want to be running and training again!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Running Shoes - One Way to Save Money

You know how you hear how inexpensive running is? Well the jokes on us runners right?! The only people who think it isn't expensive are those that don't run.

I'm not complaining really, because it's worth it to me, and I sort of believe that if you track the cost of gym membership over the years vs. running gear and entry fees that maybe those who run (and don't have a gym membership) are indeed saving money. I sort of believe that. ;-)

Anyway, I think it's safe to say one of, if not the, biggest cost is running shoes. Again, not complaining, because when you find the right pair that work perfectly for you, it's worth almost any price tag right?!

I kind of miss those shoes and the bright color! 

I've been very lucky to have a relationship with Fleet Feet Tacoma, and a Dad who supports my endeavors, so I rarely have to pay for my shoes. It's one of the reasons I have been able to keep running after losing my job and being a stay at home mom. Our single income would not support buying running shoes as often as I need them. 

But, there is a new site that is going to help everyone save money on running shoes! It's called ShoeKicker and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the service! 

I had the opportunity to test it out before it went live yesterday, and it was easy to use, and accurate! Check them out, fill out three fields, hit "Show Me The Best Price" and viola you have a list of options to purchase your go to running shoe at the best price possible! So easy, and even if you only save a few $$ every little bit helps. 

Of course this only works if you have been fitted and know what shoe to shop for in the first place. So, don't forget your local running store! Go get fitted, test run shoes if they let you, and check out the return policy. Most stores will let you wear them for a few days, some of them give you 30 days, to run in them and make sure they really work for you. 

I highly recommend buying your first pair of running shoes, or first pair of a new to you brand, at a local store. Returning them if needed is easier, they will be there hands on to direct you to a shoe that will work better for you if you do return a pair, and can offer advice on inserts or lacing that can make all the difference. 

But once you do that, and for sure know what works for you ShoeKicker is a great option for you, or for that person that gifts you your shoes, to help save money! 

I guess it's easy to see that adidas is my shoe for life! No discounts on them, but I don't care...they work so it's worth it! 

Run on, and save some money! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's The Simple Things

"This is so exciting Mommy"!

She has been waiting for months for her wildflowers to bloom. We planted a mixed seed packet clear back in late spring, and I don't know if it was because it was so hot so early or what, but finally, finally there are flowers blooming.

I could tell this was going to be a mini sunflower a few weeks ago and once I mentioned that to Sky the watching game was on. She has been checking it daily, several times a day. The excitement has been building, and the anticipation was almost too much. She really wanted to "help" force it open, but somehow she managed to wait it out.

Finally this past weekend one of the flowers opened up, and she stood there admiring it and gently petting it for the longest time.

She can hardly believe that there are going to be more of the bright, sunny, yellow flowers in the next few days.

I love that with all the distractions of big, fancy, shiny, bright toys that make all sort of noise and do fun things that waiting for a simple yellow flower to bloom has been such a big deal to her.

The joy on her face when she walked out in her pj's Saturday morning and realized the flower was open, and waiting for her was priceless. It's a good reminder that we don't really need much to be have moments of pure joy and beauty in life.

It's so easy to get caught up waiting for the "big thing" that we risk missing out in the simple, every day, "little" things that bring a twinkle to the eye, a smile to the lips, and joy to our hearts.

Thank you for the life lesson munchkin.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Slow Down

She kills me with the looks she gives me, I just can't handle it sometimes. I don't even want to admit to this, but yesterday was the first time this summer we went to the park to just play and hang out. I mean, really...what kind of mom am I?!

The kind that doesn't enjoy 95 or over, but that aside, the fact is this summer has been one "thing" after another, every weekend. It's felt like a sprint, and I am not a sprinter! The week days have been on repeat...unpack, grocery shop for the few days we are home, re-pack, get ready for the next trip.

Believe me I am not complaining, it has been so much fun, and we have done and seen beautiful things, and spent time with people we love. But, I have felt like I'm missing summer right here at home. Mostly what I'm missing is the school-free schedule...the freedom to sit in the sun and soak it in, play with Sky, picnic at the playground. Things that we enjoy, a lot! And, I'm missing friends and play dates at home.

This week, while play date free, has felt a bit more normal. Time for cuddles, playing at the park, cooler weather that makes sitting outside pleasant (although both of our comfortable outside chairs cracked in two, so I guess I better bust out the camping chairs), making sun tea, watching the garden grow. Just enjoying life, at home, in the summer, when it's the most magical, beautiful, amazing time around here.

 Cuddling and watching cartoons with Sky, I kind of like her cartoons! 

We took Silas to the off-leash dog park for his birthday this week! I love how much she loves him!

That dress used to cover her feet...that dress used to be mine when I was her age.

I even had time this week to sit, kid free for a few hours with a good book, and a good glass of wine. Sure there were things I could have worked on, a few things I've been procrastinating on (sort of freaking out about the 10 mile trail run I have in 6 weeks...must start training!), but sometimes you just need to stop thinking and escape. 

How do you slow down and enjoy summer?