Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Started a New Blog

So, it's no secret I've had nothing but issues with blogger and photos as of late. Add in that I've been wanting to start a new blog that's more reflective of our life, sort of outgrown brokentequila, and you have the recipe for putting and end to the frustration with blogger and jumping ship.

I've moved to a new platform and new blog name...I don't plan on posting her any longer, and for now I have no plans to move this content to the new blog.

Since I'm not a professional blogger who makes a living off the blog I just don't see the need.

My other social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) have been changed to the new blog name since I use those accounts with the blog, but it's still me!

I hope you follow along on the new adventure! todaysadventureis

See you over on the new blog!
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